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To order your door hanger
1. Choose a design from the catalog (page 27).
2. Email your information.
3. Salon & Spa Marketing will email you a proof of your door hanger.
4. Approve the card.
5. The printed door hanger will be delivered to you.
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Door Hangers


Knock Knock. You're There!
Door Hangers Create Maximum Impact at Low Cost.

Not just for campaigning, door hangers are a targeted and effective form of marketing to canvas neighborhoods within a close radius to your place of business. There's no postage involved or obtaining mailing lists as you literally deliver your message door to door.

Choose from our bright, colorful door hangers to greet your potential customers right at their door. Like all our promotional materials, you can customize the hanger with your specific message and offer. Each hanger is printed on durable card stock with a weather resistant coating and includes the doorknob die cut. Just be sure to check with your city first about regulations for neighborhood canvassing.

Door hangers also can be used to reach hotel guests to encourage them to visit your salon or spa during their stay. Hotels without on-site salon or spa services may be especially receptive to this type of marketing as it provides an added benefit to their guests. Get to know the managers of hotels in your area and they just might open the door for you to communicate your special offer to their guests.